Our History

A dynamic association in the service of psychosocial rehabilitation

The AQRP has been at work in the community for 25 years now, our commitment and volunteer work is focused towards the well-being of people living or having lived with a mental health problem. We have many people who have accompanied and supported our association in its development and influence throughout Quebec. Founded on October 19, 1990 in Montreal, after a seminar on the partnership between the various intervention agencies promoting community integration, the AQRP affirmed from the outset its desire to bring together the participants of community organizations , Public and private institutions, from the regions and urban centers of Montreal and Quebec City.

When we first started out, we had to develop a comFollowed the incorporatiomon understanding of psychosocial rehabilitation, to provide us with a common framework. We then established ourselves and set out to seek funding. Starting rom 60 members in 1991, the Association now counts 400 individual and corporate members. Accredited by the National Support Program for Community Organizations (SOC Program), the AQRP obtains its main funding from the Department of Health and Social Services. In addition to the membership dues, it benefits from the generosity  of numerous financial partners and suppliers for the organization of national events such as its seminars and days and training.

The AQRP is the only mental health organization in Quebec that stands out for its ability to mobilize a wide range of stakeholders in the same arena: the various categories of public institutions, the specific and original contribution of community organizations, the multiple disciplines and sectors of intervention, and each of the various other stakeholder groups, including users of mental health services and their families.

Our seminar, Québec’s premiere event in the field of mental health, brings together hundreds of participants, each with a large number of people living with a mental health problem. We bring a new theme to the seminar each year. In 1992, the Association also created the partner magazine, the only French-language publication in North America that specializes in psychosocial rehabilitation and mental health recovery.

Approximately 700 copies were sent to our members. More than 350 people have contributed to the history of this important tool for disseminating and promoting best practices in psychosocial rehabilitation. As a spokesperson for psychosocial rehabilitation, the AQRP expresses, among other things, its social and political commitment through its participation on national committees and by opinions on subjects that impact the lives of people with mental disorders.

Throughout its history, the AQRP has actively supported the development of citizenship for people living or having lived with a mental health problem in order to integrate them into the community, in particular by supporting housing, and housing initiatives. The AQRP is also actively involved in helping people with mental disorders get easy access to work or study programs.

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